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Original Crest Rider Bellyboard

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Product Description

special note re delivery times - we are due to be out of the office for two weeks from 15 June so regret there will be delays to orders during this time. Please email us for updates.


"A surfing-board specially made to beat the Atlantic breakers"

Made in England to our design spec

We were inspired to design a board made entirely from a hardwood ply called Gaboon after reading the 1953 edition of The Art of Surf Riding which urged its readers to "pay a little more and purchase a Featherweight “Crest Rider” as it is made from a timber called Gaboon which is “sufficiently light but durable and at the same time waterproof'.

Special features

  • Great flex - super thin and lightweight board - as much as 40% lighter than birch ply belly boards.
  • Made from individual sheets of hardwood ply

Board Sizes

The Original Crest rider boards measure approximately 120 cms tall by 29 cms wide by 0.7 cms thick.

Suitable for most adults and children from about 11 years old - or over 150 cms tall.
Surf riders weighing 15 stone or more who prefer less flex in the board may want to ask about our thicker ply boards

Younger surf riders or more  experienced surf riders who prefer a shorter board may prefer the mini crest rider board.

What makes our boards Original?

Our boards are significantly lighter weight and more slimline than the cheaper birch ply belly boards. Original crest rider boards also have a little more flex and buoyancy.

Unlike the traditional bellyboards that are made from sheets of manufactured birch or marine ply and then steam bent, our boards are made from individual layers of hand selected hardwood ply and shaped in a bespoke press. We use this process to give a more consistent and longer lasting nose rocker.  The steam bent process affects the glues used in the manufactured ply so the nose rocker in steam bent boards will usually flatten over time.  Having used the birch ply belly boards for over forty years we've been amazed and thrilled to discover how much better the gaboon ply boards ride the waves and how much lighter they are to carry.