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  • Tom Wegener Surfie

Tom Wegener Surfie

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Product Description

Hand crafted by world renowned Master shaper Tom Wegener in Noosa, Australia and sent over to us in small numbers. Supplies are very limited and we currently only have a few in stock - we will not be able to get any more until 2017.

This is what Tom says about the Surfies

" The surfie is a one size fits all body board.  It is a very good size for the average person and will surf really well in small to medium surf.  The best part of the board is the flex.  A thin flexible board feels so good in little waves that it is addictive.  It is like the energy of the wave resonates in the board and is passed on to you.  As you ride across waves you can bend the board into the wave and maximise your speed and when you straiten off and ride towards shore you become immersed in the power of the wave.  I vividly remember as a child riding a wave right up onto the sand and loving it.  I still do this and I still love it.  

The complexity of the surfie is in the cuts and quality of the paulownia I use.  Everything has to be perfect to make a board that is 11mm thick and will flex into the power of a wave without breaking.  It has taken me over 10 years of making wood surfboards from paulownia to know the wood well enough to put my name on this board.  The shape is simple but the design is not.

One more thing about the Surfie; it will keep your stoke as you get older.  Getting old is something we do if we are lucky.  I feel so sad for many older surfers who think they cannot enjoy surfing any more because they cannot stand up on a surfboard.  I can relate to them.  I have had problems with my knees and hips and they freeze up.  This is no reason to stop surfing.  I have met several older surfers who feel the same joy on a belly board as they used to feel on a regular board."









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