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Why use a wooden bodyboard or bellyboard?

  1. It makes you smile AND its good for you! A healthy form of exercise that’s not weather dependent
  2. This type of wave riding is suitable for all ages and abilities - a sport three generations can enjoy together
  3. The wooden board's thin design gives a closer and faster wave experience than on a thicker bodyboard.
  4. Bellyboard surfing requires less agility and balance than stand up surfing and is easy and quick to learn.
  5. Wooden surf boards are more environmentally friendly than foam based boards.
  6. Takes up less storage space than a boogie board - especially useful in a Campervan.
  7. For that Nostalgic experience - the best excuse to go retro surfing in a 1950s style swimsuit and be part of our surfing heritage
  8. Jack Johns in HawaiiBoards can also become original artworks, signs and promotional boards - see our bespoke bellyboard service for inspiration.
  9. The boards are long lasting & require very minimal maintenance and expense compared to many other sports
  10. To keep up a great British seaside tradition - our boards are still Made in Britain.